About us

Vaneco was founded in 1979 by Juliusz Połczyński, a graduate of the Faculty of Wood Technology at the Agricultural University in Poznań. Since the very beginning, the company has been located in Jelonek near Poznań.

A small family business, initially bearing the name Plastpol, has grown into a prosperous business - Vaneco. The company has gradually been expanding its fields of activity. Over nearly 40 years of business, the company has simultaneously been manufacturing products for multiple sectors. One of the major assets of Vaneco is that it offers a high degree of flexibility in production capacity. This is currently the main objective of the company in its daily work. As a result, the number of companies cooperating with Vaneco has steadily increased. The company has been successfully selling its products on a local and international markets.

The company founder, Juliusz Połczyński, is the author of multiple patents, such as, e.g.,:
- self-destructing disposable syringe,
- a method of wooden surface hardening,
- a disposable toothbrush with a portion of fresh toothpaste.

For many years Vaneco has been working with a German company called Greenlife. Greenlife offers, among others, systems of rainwater harvesting for garden and household usage. The cooperation between Vaneco and Greenlife includes production orders and consulting (Vaneco finds the most effective technical solutions for Greenlife to apply).